Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Appreciate others if you want to be appreciated. Love others if you want to be loved. A simple advice most people forget.

Played a game on facebook. I gotta give a number to a person, and then he/she will write about me :) Kso, I gave the number 222 to one of my senior, Intan Akhashah. And this is what she said :)

‎222 : hey there barbie. hew hew, a lil cute lil piggie, hehe, i love you. you're so sweet like my kitkat. and actually i have lil secret that i have to tell you. i admire your dad. he is such a genius, everything that he told us were the truth. the truth about our fuckin world. but hey dont tell him. and im so agree with his opinions and u have such an awesome family. and ur friend ? that is life sis, just think about the good parts and let go all of it, forget the mistakes, be happy :)

Kayh, and with that, I kinda stop those fights. To tell ya'll the truth, I'm tired of all that. So then I said sorry. The reason that I'm saying sorry is because I'm mature enough. I'm no more a kid. Thanks kakak :) Hee kak Intan was indeed a very very popular senior in my school. Seriously,with
her Lee gang :) I never thought I would be close to them. But after I'm close to Tinie, tiba tiba dia ajak to enter the group. Hehe, so now. I'm one of the Lee's. Lol :D Haha

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