Monday, November 28, 2011

When one thing doesn't work out it's only so that another thing will.

Hai world. I'm not sleepy yet. So, I decide to blog again. Haha, holidays are boring sometimes. But sokay, I'm not gonna just waste it like that, Imma do something good. Yeay me!

But what is it? Lol. Sokay, I guess I just have to read my storybooks. Rather than facebook-ing all the time aite? Right! Hm and yeah, YOU, you. I can see myself happy with you. I'm falling so hard, why you don't even wanna try to catch me?

But I think that maybe he's the guy for me, but I'm the girl for him :) It's okay. Things happen for a reason. But I want you to know, I like you. Hew hew bye :)

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