Monday, November 28, 2011

Tears = 1% water & 99% feelings

To her. I don't wanna say her name or anything. I don't wanna mention anything :)

What's with all this kinda status? Lame okay? LAME.
-my only mistake was not being as close to you as before, how is everything else my fault? honestly, i don't see the connection >.<
-i never said it was your fault neither did i blame u, thing is i'm not clear on what i did to u, i wont be held responsible for what they did, i just wanna know what I did to hurt u so badly. its our fight, how did so many people get involved? there's no point in hitting each other back in statuses, just be honest with me and i'll try to fix it. i won't provoke u anymore but lemme know whenever your ready -last status bout you--

What's with all the status? If you wanna know what's wrong, I thought you'd better ask me instead of writting it in facebook. Oh please, I showed up kay, on your status. I said "Haha" because I wanted a response from you. But what you did? You ignored it like a scary cat. Yeap scary cat, that's you. And also, you were askin' me what the hell is wrong with you aite? Eh, figure out yourself. Who you are with now? How's your behaviour now? You're getting even worse.

And btw, I don't fucking care who you wanna be close with. But please behave, lotsa ppl involve in this matter 'cause your behaviour with HER. Yes, her. Yang they all post benda mcm tu, sbb they all nampak apa yg jadi. Derang tak boleh tahan. Please.

Phew, nasib dah habis skolah. I dont have to see all this anymore. And please, ada maruah lah sikit. Jangan murah sgt. Peace ^^v

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