Monday, November 28, 2011

Another boring day --'

Memang la kan, semua org tengah couple. Hahah. Lepas break terus couple lain en? Haha, untungla. Don't waste your relationship sudah. Btw, a friend asked me.. WHY AM I STILL SINGLE? Lol kan? Haha. I'm still single cause I need to find the right guy for me. Hm, instead of finding him.. Why not I wait for him? Lol, a relationship is not all about that lovey dovey thing you posted on fb or that lovey dovey quotes you get for him. It's about loving each other and show that you care for each other. And guys, do you know that a girl's heart is more fragile than a glass? You break 'em once, it's hard for you to put it all together back. Please, understand them before you could be in a relationship with them. Till then..

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