Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Helloss :)

Hello everybodayhh. My blog is dying. Heh X( I'm sorry for not updating. I'm busy. Well, you know, SCHOOL! Lol. Right now, I'm feeling so guilty because I'll update my blog when I have problems. Awwww, I shouldn't have do this to you bloggie. Me sho showyy. X( Yeah, I'm talking to my blog. What's the matter? Ha-ha.

I had a fight with a friend of mine. I better not mention her name here. Oh, well, a huge one. HAHAHAHA. And obviously. She started it first. Lol. Hm, I don't think I wanna talk about what really happened. Because, I'm fed up. Enough already. Really, it's not the time for me to think about this. Pfft.

I'm tired of this. Could you stop? We're no more in kindergarten. Puh-leasee. You're doing all that kinda things just to make me mad? To make me feel down? Nohhhh, I'm not gonna fall for your trap. I'm not that stupid. Pfft.

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