Friday, December 10, 2010

Why so complicated? Pfft.

Hello, you guys. I don't really have anything to say actually. Lol. I'm just bored. Idk why. Haha. Oh yeah. Just tellin'. I really hate to read this kinda sentence.

Eg: Hey.. Buat apewr tuw?
Correct sentence: Hey.. Buat apa tu?

Pfft. Don't you guys think it's weird? I mean like come on. Macam lah tak tau eja betul-betul. Lah, kalau tak pun. Type la bagi orang faham. Well, seriously, I didn't understand what are they actually askin' me. == Until I read it for a lot of time. Actually. It was such an easy sentence. Why they have to make it until sooo complicated? Ergh. When I wanna write those example pun macam geli tangan nak tulis mcm tu. But, no offense la. I was just tellin'. Anddd. FYI. It's my blog. I can write whatever I want too. Booo you losers. XP

Love, S

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