Friday, December 31, 2010

The last day in 2010

Okay. 2010 is gonna end very very soon. Ahh. I feel like crying. But. I've to stop being childish. Stop being so into my favourite boy band SHINee. Omg. This is gonna be hard. Haha. But for JB. It's okay. Because my love for him is never ending. XD Haha. :) I didn't update for a fagging long time. Sorray. XD I've been traveling for such a long time. Haha. That's actually enough for me. I'm tired. Haha.

Next year is gonna be hard and hectic. As I'm going to take an important exam which is PMR. What I really want for next year, is to have a simple and free-of-problems lifestyle. Next year I gotta stay cool, focus on my studies a lot. I really gotta do that. That's my 2011 resolution.

I haven't write my name on my books yet. Ha-ha. Wanna know why? I'm lazy plus I've odered a cop for my name. As you know, I'm extra lazy writing my extra long name. Fullstop. Haha.

Anyways, I think I gotta stop now. Hmm, I'm gonna update veryy soon. I wanna update before 2010 ends. Wish me luck. Wuahahahahahhaha

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