Friday, December 31, 2010

Hello 2011

Happy new year everybody. It's 2011 now. Wish you guys the best in everything.

Taylor Swift - Back to December [HD]

Taylor. You're back. And you're awesome :)

100911 SHINee - Lucifer (Sept. 11, 2010) @ Music Core [Goodbye Stage]

I love love this video very much. They did very well. Thumbs up :) Even though the song is quite old, but I love it. Actually, I hated Onew. But after watching their video for some time. I think he's cool :)


Happy New Year everyone. Okay, as you see, I'm posting a lot of new year thingy. Actually, it's not like I'm excited or something. The matter of fact is, I'm scared. Urgh. Okay gtg. I'm posting some more. Don't have to worry. Lol. XD

The last day in 2010

Okay. 2010 is gonna end very very soon. Ahh. I feel like crying. But. I've to stop being childish. Stop being so into my favourite boy band SHINee. Omg. This is gonna be hard. Haha. But for JB. It's okay. Because my love for him is never ending. XD Haha. :) I didn't update for a fagging long time. Sorray. XD I've been traveling for such a long time. Haha. That's actually enough for me. I'm tired. Haha.

Next year is gonna be hard and hectic. As I'm going to take an important exam which is PMR. What I really want for next year, is to have a simple and free-of-problems lifestyle. Next year I gotta stay cool, focus on my studies a lot. I really gotta do that. That's my 2011 resolution.

I haven't write my name on my books yet. Ha-ha. Wanna know why? I'm lazy plus I've odered a cop for my name. As you know, I'm extra lazy writing my extra long name. Fullstop. Haha.

Anyways, I think I gotta stop now. Hmm, I'm gonna update veryy soon. I wanna update before 2010 ends. Wish me luck. Wuahahahahahhaha

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I'm sorry.

Buckcherry - Sorry.

This song is for my best friend, Hana. Urghh. I feel so bad. Idk. I didn't mean to heart you. But I did. And you know what? Hurting you is like hurting myself. I'm just scared. I'm scared that this thing would affect our friendship. I called you, crying. Because I take this very seriously. Please. Consider this.

Pee to the ass- That song is not really for you. Haha. Saja aku bubuh lagu ni. Sorry jugak kan?
And and, this song is for couples. Lol. Ish aku ni. Sedih sedih pun boleh gelak kan? Haha. Okayy, till then, tatas.

Love, S

Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Angel. :)

Sayangku Hanaa. I know you're reading this. :)

Farhana. XD I love you. I love calling you crazy names. Kan hano kan? XD You're like the other half of me. You are my best girlfriend I've ever had. Sounds a bit less. Lol. But, who cares. Haha. When I need a shoulder to cry on. You were always there for me. Except when her phone is not with her. --' Lol. Last but not least. This is the surprise I was talking about. Haha.

Love, S

Friday, December 10, 2010

Man, I hate this feeling. -________-

But, there's nothing I can do. The only thing to do is just swallow everything. Even though it hurts. A lot. And you know what? the truth NEVER set me free. I felt this feelings a lot of times before. I do not know how to overcome this. This feeling is fagging stupid actually. It shouldn't have ever be in my life. Shhoooooooooo. Go away. Pfft.

Love, S

Why so complicated? Pfft.

Hello, you guys. I don't really have anything to say actually. Lol. I'm just bored. Idk why. Haha. Oh yeah. Just tellin'. I really hate to read this kinda sentence.

Eg: Hey.. Buat apewr tuw?
Correct sentence: Hey.. Buat apa tu?

Pfft. Don't you guys think it's weird? I mean like come on. Macam lah tak tau eja betul-betul. Lah, kalau tak pun. Type la bagi orang faham. Well, seriously, I didn't understand what are they actually askin' me. == Until I read it for a lot of time. Actually. It was such an easy sentence. Why they have to make it until sooo complicated? Ergh. When I wanna write those example pun macam geli tangan nak tulis mcm tu. But, no offense la. I was just tellin'. Anddd. FYI. It's my blog. I can write whatever I want too. Booo you losers. XP

Love, S

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A friend of mine. :)

Haaaa, tiba-tiba rasa macam nak tulis something. Haha. XD It's about a friend.


She's my twin. She's like the reflection of me. Lol. I'm not kidding. We have a lot in common. Best gila chat dengan dia. (: Haha. It was actually the first time for us to chat with each other. Tapi bila dah start chat tu, sembang macam dah tau dia lama. Hahaha.

When we are chatting. Whatever she said and also whatever I said, we will be like. Ohh, Sama lahh. Haha. (: She's funny. I told her that her blog was nice. And she was like mana ada. Ada pokok mati kat belakang. Lmao. And yeah. She told me that when she was reading my blog. Dia kata macam baca luahan hati sendiri. Awww. Hahah. I LOVE YOU TWINNIE :)

Okaylah. That's all for now. Just now, I webcam dengan Hana, Qilah, Nad. Aww. Best gila. Hana kata I look like an aeroplane operator. Sebab I pakai benda alah tu. Apa nama dia entah. Lupa. Hahaha. And, and, I Love you guys. XD

Love, S

My awesome sis.

Heyyoooo, how's life everybody? Hope it's fineee. Hahah.

Hmm, yeah. Just so you know. Syaa, has been my adik angkat for already a month. Cheers for that. :)>

Ughh. I can't type no more. I have nothing to say. Haha. Have a nice day everyone. Hugss. XD

Love, S

Thursday, December 2, 2010

My boring holidays. Pfft.

Hey, how's holidays guys? Aww, miss my friends. Especially Farhana. Aishh. Lol.

Hmm, let's start my post with my activities yesterday. Well, I went to penang. Shopped in Gurney Drive. My mom bought me some lingeries in Topshop. Then, we went to Charles and Keith. Weeheeeeeeeeeeee, bought a pair of shoes. XD Mama beli two pairs of shoes. Hmmph, Jealous. Hahah.

Hmm, yeah. I saw her fb. Hahah. She said she hates me. Lol. Well, do you know that I hate you too. Actually, I don't wanna hate you. But if you insist. I will hate you. I don't wanna care about this anymore. It's just a waste of time. Limau told me that she don't deserve my tears. Hell yeah, she don't.

I think I wanna end my post here. Love you guys. :)
p to the ass: Limau is my super duper friend. :) Her real name is Lim Yi Ling. But we call her Limau. Wahahah :)

Love, S

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hell-o XD

Helloooo world. ;) I didn't update my blog for quite a long time. I'm not busy or anything, I'm just.. Haihh, I don't know. Well, right now, I'm sick. My right side eye is all red. I blame FB for this. I fagging do. T.T Hahahah.

Okay, I gotta go everybody. I don't want my left side to be red too. Hahahah.

Love, S

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hyehye :)

Today was kinda boring. Leong text-ed me. And now, she doesn't wanna talk to me. I think it's because what I asked her earlier. TT.TT I'm sorry. I'm sad. Lol. I could cry you knoww. Sorry. Haihh, what else can I do? For you to forgive me? Aishh. Sorry a million times x)

I'll blog again tomorrow. Seriously no mood. I love you guys :)

Love, S

Saturday, November 20, 2010


I'm so not in mood right now. Erghh, how could she do that. Omaigawd, I cried to Hana. Hana pun macam.. HUH?!?!?! Haha. She paused the song that she was playing on her laptop and listen to me crying while telling her what really happened to me. And she was like giving me advices. And after that, I stopped crying. Thanks to her. And I hung up the phone. I post something about this on facebook. Asther, Poh Kheng, and Hana commented on that post and gave me advicessss. Thanks you guys. Without you guys, I'm not sure that I can go through this. I do not know what's HER problem. I tried to ask HER about this. But she didn't reply. Pffft. What more can I say?

And yeah, this is for YOU.
I can't stand this anymore. It's hard for me to forgive you. You've crossed the line. And, you know what? GO TO HELL. I DON'T NEED YOU ANYMORE.

Love, S
TTFN :')

Friday, November 19, 2010



How long should I wait? Pfft.

Love, S
Kaulah laguku, kau irama terindah. Tak lagi kudengari.

Ahh, I'm touched with these lyrics. Aww, today is my last day to go to school. I cried. Erghh, I'm not strong. I know. Pfft, I wish I could turn back time. I wanted to do better in my exams. I wanted to be a better friend for my best friends. But what I can really do is to try my best in everything for next year. I want to be a better person. I really do.

I'm not so sure that I can still maintain in the first class next year. There are so many competition. Hmm, if I really can't, maybe 3k2 would be a good class for me. Ahh, I don't wanna think about that now. Whatever it is. Next year, I'll be a victim for PMR. Pffft, wish me luck. I really need all those lucks. Hahah.

I'll miss my friends. All of 'em. They mean a lot to me. Just now, Lim was like Reza, don't approach me. This is because she doesn't want to cry again. Bee yin seemed like ignoring me. I don't know what I did to her. But if i did something wrong. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do that. We are humans. And we make mistakeS. Hahah.

And Syaa. My sister. She didn't come today. :'( She told me she woke up late. Hmm, I'm sad. I already cried because of this. But, nevermind. I still love her. <3

Whatever it is, this year was a tough, challenging, fantastic, fundamental and a meaningful year for me. I'm so gonna miss my friends. Especially all the form fives. They will be having SPM soon. So, HWAITING! Good luck. Next year, they won't be schooling with us anymore. I'll miss them. :') So, I think this post ends here. Good night. I gotta sleep. My eyes are tired.

Love, S

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Heyyy, youu. Lol. Well I deleted ALL of my post before this. All of 'em were so so so LAME. HAHA.

I'm not in mood. I'll blog later

Love, S